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Glass walls Praha

Glass walls Praha
One of products of our glazier shop are glass walls, which are made of toughened glass. Glass walls are attractive design elements which keeps the airiness and light, depending on choosen glass and also provide optical isolation of room which offers some privacy. These glass walls are supplied to businesses and shopping centers, as well as to houses and flats.
Our glazier shop focuses on perfection of processing of every detail in conjunction with quality materials. In realization of every order, we focus on quality of work and individual approach to each client.

Custom tailored showers

We offer custom tailored showers and screens tailored to the requirements and needs of the customer. We supply high-level design showers, with superior fittings, including seals. These showers together with glass tiles and stained glass give every bathroom a modern and totally unique look.

Glass tiles

Glass tiles are the perfect combination of easy maintenance and attractive appearance. We produce premium quality glass tiles in many different shades. Glass tiles are suitable for kitchens and also bathrooms and restrooms. We are able to supply any color and ornament to customer specifications.

Stained glass

Stained glass perfectly complement the overall look of modern interior. Stained glass are made of tempered glass, there is therefore no possibility of damage or injuries. Most often we make stained glass for kitchens or showers.